sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

- snuggle in, sweetie. it's cold out there.

(edward scissorhands - tim burton, 1990)

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pipoca disse...


menina de porcelana disse...

I'm afraid I'm too tall (big) for that.
But I'll give it a try... Try to be a little little little girl again. And then maybe I'll fit :)

(lindo o teu post)

Victor Afonso disse...

It's always cold out there. Burton, however, is always hot as hell.

Anónimo disse...

menina de porcelana, senti exactamente isso quando fui ao portugal dos pequenitos e já não conseguia entrar nas casinhas. passagem agreste à idade adulta.

victor afonso, it certainly is! hot as hell on a summer day :)